Welcome to the newest and most requested service Power Networking Solutions has to offer! Home networking is one of the fastest growing areas of technology in the world. This is largely due to the explosion and availability of high speed Internet access and mainly due to everyone's nemesis- spyware and viruses!

Expert Design, Installation, and Configuration of Your Home Networking Equipment

Whether you are building a new home, just moved into a pre-owned home, or just want to upgrade your existing computer network, let Power Networking Solutions help. We are home networking experts- from network wiring all the way to your computers, IPods, digital cameras, printers, scanners, X-Box360 Live, etc. We work closely with your architect and interior designer to ensure you have all the latest computer technology, but you don't look like you have all the latest computer technology! Here are some samples of the custom installations we have performed.

We will come to your home for an onsite survey and provide you with a free analysis of your current technology, along with a written proposal of our recommended solution. We employ the highest trained electricians that will install new network wiring in any new construction home or any pre-owned home- no matter what the age or size of the home. We will then install your networking and wireless networking equipment, and connect you to your high-speed Internet Service Provider- whether it be cable, DSL or satellite. We are experts in them all! Here are some examples of our networking equipment or "head-end" work.

Expert Desktop Networking and Configuration
Once all of your networking equipment is installed, configured and tested; we will install and configure all of your existing or newly purchased computer equipment. We start with your computers, configuring them for optimal usage of your Internet access and optimal usage of your computer's memory and hard drives. No one computer is deployed without the proper anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-phishing and the proper firewall software that protects your computer from hackers and more importantly protects your children from the Internet. We can also install surveillance software which enables parents to discreetly monitor all of your child's Internet activity- whether it be Instant Messaging, chat rooms or World Wide Web surfing.

With your computers professionally configured and protected, we will then connect all your printers, scanners, IPods, digital cameras, fax machines, etc. Again, all these peripherals are professionally configured for optimal usage of your computer's memory and hard drives. These are areas where having a computer professional makes all the difference in the world as to how your computer will perform today and in the future.

Expert Training for Seniors, Adults and Children of all Ages
No project is complete without the proper training and knowledge transfer. This is one of the most important areas towards the completion of a project- the extensive training and knowledge transfer of your newly installed network system. This is an area that we notice is frequently over-looked by most other technology companies. We will see to it that all users using the network and all its resources, have the proper skill sets to enjoy and take full advantage of all the newly installed technology.

We also provide extensive training on the maintenance of all equipment, as well as provide written procedures to help recover from common network issues that might arise from time to time.

Expert Mobile Telephone 24 Hour Technical Support
This is the area that Power Networking Solutions' team members feel that separates us from the rest. From the inception any project, whether it be a smaller home with one computer or a larger home of 10 computers or more, you will have access to our mobile cell phones, which are monitored 24 hours a day. When you have a problem, question or concern, you call and speak directly with a team member, the same English speaking professional who was onsite installing your equipment.

No hold queues, no kids on a support team telling you to format your computer or "Insert a Rescue Disk".

No overseas support personal reading from a script who have no idea who you are or what they are reading!

At the client's request, we also provide and highly recommend quarterly or in some cases, semiannual maintenance visits to ensure that all network components are running optimally. We also will install any new hardware and software updates, provide additional training and help plan out any new additions to your network system. Contact us at sales@pnsnets.com for more info.